Aura Golden Water - Still Water 330ml


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Aur’a Natural Mineral Alkaline Water – A case of 24 bottles x 330 ml Still Water

Natural Mineral Alkaline Water with a pH of 8.25, a mineral content that makes it perfectly balanced, velvety, friendly, subtle, hydrating and nourishing.

It’s an excellent companion for good wines and delicious meals. Easy to drink directly from the glass bottle, at the gym, in the car or at home. Premium Water.

Love at the first taste, Aur’a evokes memories from childhood; it conquers you by its natural character, inducing well-being, surprising you and, more than anything, convincing you. Here, at Aur’a, we care about your well-being offering a Low Sodium Water and encourage you to protect the environment with Glass Bottle Water.

still 330 caseOur aim is to ensure everyone understands the difference in quality, appreciate Pure Water and not be guided by the price. In 1597 Sir Francis Bacon said: “Ipsa Scientia potestas est” (”knowledge itself is power”).

Aur’a Gold Water, delivered with the knowledge of its benefits, is a powerful combination. Say No To Nitrites.

Our Natural Mineral Water is different from any other water! We are trying to spread the word about the importance of drinking the correct water, so everybody will understand what is best for themselves! We have worked hard to bring you the finest water in the world and want you to understand the benefits of drinking Aur’a Premium Water

We all know that many diseases have higher chances to develop and survive in an acid environment (bodies with pH 5 and below) and not in an alkaline environment (pH 8 and over), the reason for which we always should drink only Natural Alkaline Water.

Dr Otto Warburg (1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery) said: “No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment!” We all know for sure that our body deserves more than receives; that’s why our main goal is to help you understand all these benefits brought by our water Aura Gold Water.

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